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The company to turn to when you are in need of Gas Line Installations.

We have proudly served the greater Toronto area since 1976 and are Toronto’s largest installation company of our kind.

We provide a unique service to the Mechanical Contractor, Heating Contractor, Builder and Homeowner that you will not find offered by any other gas line Contractor.
With a large professional staff our installation abilities include residential homes, commercial, industrial and Hi rise buildings also stacked housing and any other type of installation that could come to mind. We do not stop at just gas line installations and can assist Contractors in getting other parts of their job done.

We invite you to visit our service page as we are confident that you will be interested in what our company can offer you.

Tri-Flame gas services can provide you with a professional experienced option for having gas lines installed in your jobsite
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Custom Houses
A custom home is much more demanding for a Contractor than a production home and that is why Tri-Flame Gas has created a separate division for this type of installation.
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This is the original service that Tri-Flame Gas has provided for its customers since the company was started in 1976.

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Tri-Flame gas will install fireplace lines, fireplaces and logsets in residential and hi rise applications.
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Whatever the heating requirements are for a Hi Rise building Tri-Flame Gas can provide gas lines for them.
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Stacked Housing
This is an area of housing construction that has really increased in the Toronto area. We have created a separate division to deal with the requirements of it as well.
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   TSSA and Due Diligence
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There is important information that all Heating and Mechanical contractors should be aware of when considering a gas line contractor.
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   Workplace Safety
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Tri-Flame Gas has taken a serious approach to Workplace safety that has included engaging an outside company to bring our companies safety policies up to the highest possible levels.
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   Useful Links
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     Association of Ontario

»  Enbridge Gas
»  Sheet Metal Workers
    Association (Local 285)

»  Workplace Safety and
    Insurance Board


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